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OUP RD6 Food Around the World/Activity
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· 25.000 entrades amb exemples d'ús i frases fetes· 40.000 accepcions· Anglès britànic i americà· Verbs irregulars· Pronúncia de les veus catalanes i angleses· 500 noms de lloc i de persona· Vocabulari gastronòmic: 900 termes
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El pequeño diccionario que va siempre contigo
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OUP OBL0 Sally's Phone/16
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Aldous Huxley?s Brave New World is one of the great works of science fiction. It is the year After Ford 632 in the New World. Peopleare born and live by scientific methods. There is worldwide happiness and order. Then John comes from the Savage Reservati
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The best way to get your students talking now even better. English File Third Edition has been fine-tuned in response to teacher feedback. It keeps the best of the previous series fun and enjoyable lessons which get your students talking and adds engaging
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OUP English File INT 4E/SB+WB
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